The Weekly IT Security Review
for the week of August 9, 2009

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Yennik, Inc.
R. Kinney Williams
President, CFE, CISM, CGEIT
IT Security Auditor
4409 101st Street
Lubbock, Texas  79424
Office 806-798-7119


Determine if firewall and routing controls are in place and updated as needs warrant.

• Identify personnel responsible for defining and setting firewall rulesets and routing controls.

• Review procedures for updating and changing rulesets and routing controls.

• Confirm that the ruleset is based on the premise that all traffic that is not expressly allowed is denied, and that the firewall’s capabilities for identifying and blocking traffic are effectively utilized.

• Confirm that network mapping through the firewall is disabled.

• Confirm that NAT and split DNS are used to hide internal names and addresses from external users. (Note: Split DNS is a method of segregating the internal DNS from the external DNS.)  

• Confirm that malicious code is effectively filtered.

• Confirm that firewalls are backed up to external media, and not to servers on protected networks.

• Determine that firewalls and routers are subject to appropriate and functioning host controls.

• Determine that firewalls and routers are securely administered.

• Confirm that routing tables are regularly reviewed for appropriateness on a schedule commensurate with risk.

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